Living healthfully, one meal, one mile at a time

Memorial Day Weekend

I started the day with the most perfect Whole30 breakfast…

We didn’t really have any plans for the holiday weekend so I thought it would be fun to go hiking. I made sure to pack plenty of Whole30 friendly snacks and my cool fanny pack, ha!

My daughter loves to walk as much as possible, she can go for miles! Added bonus that it tires her out so she goes to sleep quicker!

We decided to head north to Buttermilk Falls, near Lake George, NY. There are tons of trails in and near the Adirondack Mountains some safer than others so we made sure to pick a kid friendly trail. One trail said “beware of rattlesnakes”, no thank you!

After a few hours on the trail my daughter was asking for ice cream so we decided to take her to a fun place that my parents used to always take me when I was a kid, Hillbilly Fun Park. It isn’t actually a park with rides, just 2 really cute mini golf courses and some really amazing ice cream! This was the first time my daughter ever tried mini golf. She got a lot of holes in one since she pretty much just picked up the ball and ran it down to the hole to toss it in each time, ha! I got one hole in one and was the winner, I didn’t even bother keeping track of my daughter score… she stayed with us and didn’t have any tantrums so maybe she should be the winner!?

After golf we had (not me) some ice cream. My daughter got cake ice cream (cake crumbles, chocolate and icing) with rainbow sprinkles in a chocolate chip cookie cone.

My husband got an amaretto flavor with nuts. The bowl was for my daughters cone since I knew she wouldn’t finish it, it was also a sad reminder that I couldn’t partake, ha! It actually didn’t bother me at all, since starting Whole30 my cravings are pretty much nonexistent. 

When we got home we made a quick dinner of loaded fries (homemade cut fries made in the air fryer topped with seasoned ground pork, kale, tomato, avocado, Whole30 ranch, salsa and hot sauce… YUM!). We also got the fire pit out so we could enjoy some more time outside since it was such a nice night.

We stopped off on the way home and picked up some items to make s’mores.

My daughter likes the idea of making them more than eating them… don’t worry, she will learn.

Making s’mores is definitely not as fun as eating s’mores! 😉

She really enjoyed sitting by the fire while I did some sparklers though.

Does anyone still buy these? We used to think they were the best thing when I was a kid. I’m sure kids today aren’t as easily amused! 😉

Today was a blast! I’m currently typing this while my daughter is out like a light on the floor since she wanted to stay up to watch Monsters University. She didn’t even make it 10 minutes in! 🙂

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!! Did anyone do anything fun!? Comment below!