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Tips to Beat a Running Funk

Sometimes I get in running funks. It usually happens to me after a big running event/race. Kind of like a “whats next?!” deal. It’s really hard for me to go from having a set training plan to no clue what to do after taking time off to recuperate. When I have a set training plan 95% of the time I do what I’m told (from the plan) and don’t miss a single workout. If I have to miss a workout I will reschedule it in the same week. Also, I really love running and the feeling of accomplishment and pride when I’m done.

Feeling Good After 8 Snowy Miles

So what gives?! I am a routine oriented person, when I stray from my routine (like taking time off to recuperate) it is extremely hard for me to get back into the swing of things for some reason. It’s not just running that this mind set plays a role in, it happens with my eating too! “Oh a day off from healthy eating isn’t a big deal” you say… well, for me it is. It shifts my mindset, it turns my routine upside-down and completely derails me. I know this is probably not the healthiest way to think (enter Whole30) but I’m working on it.

Couldn’t Get it Together on the Treadmill

Anyway, back to running… so like I was saying, it is very easy for me after a race to get out of the routine of my runs. A HUGE thing that helps me is signing up for another race, even if it is just a shorter distance. This creates the mindset that I have to train. I set a goal and I need to prepare myself to reach that goal. Sitting on the couch having the daily monologue with myself of why I should or shouldn’t run is no longer an option. For some reason after a week or so of consistent running it just clicks and I just go. I don’t have to have 30 minute conversations with myself to will myself out the door. I actually don’t even think about it. I set a goal and that is all my mind thinks about. Like I said, getting out for the first few runs is MUCH harder than the rest of the training cycle but after a week or two it becomes routine, second nature to just get up, get out and run!

Before My First Half Marathon

How to get out of a running funk:

  1. Sign up for a local race.
  2. Tell yourself you will just run for x amount of minutes or x amount of miles. Usually starting is the hardest part and once you are out there the 10 minute time you set for yourself easily turns into 30+ minutes.
  3. Maybe take a day or two off for cross training, take a walk or ride a bike instead.
  4. Run in a new location or try trail running.
  5. Run with a friend, set up a time to meet… you don’t want to leave a friend hanging!
  6. Join a local running group (I tried to do this but couldn’t with the timing).
  7. Run solo, without a watch and without music… use the time to just reflect, de-stress and enjoy nature.
  8. Run with new music loaded on your playlist or listen to a podcast or an audio book.

How do you get past a running funk or a funk with exercise in general?

Do you like to run races to help keep you motivated to run?