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My Thoughts on Whole60

As most of you know from reading my original thoughts on Whole30, I loved it. I loved the way I felt but mainly I loved the way it changed my whole mental thought process around food. I had practically zero cravings the first 30 days. I did think of foods that I love (brownies) from time to time but I didn’t feel like I needed them like I had in the past. After the 30 days I didn’t feel ready to move on to reintroduction yet since I knew my food tendencies ran deep, like childhood deep so I decided to make it a Whole45. After 45 days I was still feeling amazing with little to no cravings so I figured why not keep going?! Well, I should have probably stopped at 45 days because once about day 50 hit I was D.O.N.E. I know I could have just thrown in the towel when I was over it since I had already completed my 30 days but I made the commitment to myself to go for the Whole60 so that is what I did.

Now, the fact that I am super competitive and stubborn and made myself complete the 60 days was either a sign of strength and determination or sheer stupidity, ha! I mean, it’s great and all to finish what you started and I was always taught to not be a quitter so it is very hard for me to throw in the towel but, could pushing myself those last 10 days have hindered my Food Freedom progress?! That is what I am afraid of. I am afraid that once reintroduction is done I am going to attack the kitchen pantry and refrigerator like a unleashed savage beast.

I’ve actually been thinking about what I’m going to eat when I am done which is NOT what Whole30 is about. Since about day 50 I’ve been dreaming of brownies with inch thick icing and Starbuck’s iced coffees with all the cream, sugar and whipped topping! Whole30 really drills it into your head that you should NEVER pre-plan untracked days or cheat meals. Basically the idea behind it is that if you plan for pizza on Friday night you will eat the pizza whether you feel like you want it on Friday or not… like how do you know on a Monday morning when you are making your Friday night pizza plans that you will actually want to eat pizza on Friday?! If you plan for it, you will eat the pizza even if you don’t really feel like it (side note: who wouldn’t feel like pizza?! I’m just stating what the Whole30 mentality on pre-planning indulgences is).

What I REALLY need to remember when I am done with reintroduction is that it is not a free for all. I completed the Whole30/60 challenge because I wanted to change. I wanted to be free from food. Did I take it to far and make my cravings come back because I was so excited they were gone?! Maybe?! But, I know what I need to do. I know I need to have balance and confidence in myself that I can have a brownie or a couple pieces of pizza without thinking I “ruined the day/week” and then tell myself I will start over the next day or Monday morning. Just because I eat a cheeseburger doesn’t mean I have to order the extra large fries and a double chocolate milkshake to wash it all down and then on the way home stop at the grocery store to pick up a cake/box of cookies/candy because I already “messed up” the day. I need to get rid of my “all or nothing” mentality not only with food but with most everything in my life. I’m either 100% determined and on-track or I am a complete mess. Maybe I will get the word “BALANCE” tattooed on my forehead backwards so every time I look in the mirror it’s a constant reminder to be mindful and pull myself together. 😉

I still recommend everyone try the Whole30 at least once and REALLY work hard to complete the 30 days and follow through with the proper reintroduction period. It really is a great program and just like anything else, if you work the program the program will work. However, this plan is not for everyone so make sure to do your homework before trying it. I myself will most likely never go over 30 days when it’s time for me to do another Whole30 re-set. I know I will need to do another Whole30 in the future, probably many. The book is 100% honest and pretty much tells you to expect your old ways to creep back in over time since they are usually ingrained so deeply for people. I expect that I will need to do a Whole30 re-set probably a few times a year, if they are not needed that much great but, if I ever feel myself slipping back into my old habits I will never hesitate (and wait 6 months like I just did- I had been struggling on and off since December 2016) to get right back into a Whole30 to get myself back on track. I never want to get as far off track as I did before my initial Whole30. I honestly was so close to completely giving up and quitting but, like I said above I have a very hard time quitting so thankfully I was able to hold on and keep trying and failing until I found the Whole30 to get me back on track!

What’s Next… this could change 100 times over the next year, month, or day! 😉

My plan is to try to eat 80/20 (80 percent whole foods/20 percent other). This is where the word balance comes in. I still want to try to keep as much of the pre-packaged, fat-free and artificial sweeteners out of my diet as possible. Not that there is anything wrong with using these products, I have used them in the past and may from time to time in the future. I also want to keep healthy fats and oils in my diet like avocado and olive oil. I was eating avocado prior to Whole30 but I didn’t use much oil. My pre-Whole30 diet was actually very good (in my opinion) except for the sugar addiction and overeating when it came to desserts. My meals have always been fairly balanced with plenty of fruits and vegetables. I don’t know what, if any, foods will irritate me when I do reintroduction but if anything does I will steer clear of those foods. Say when I reintroduce dairy that I get an awful stomachache than I will just try to avoid dairy in the future unless I deem something worth it (like going out for an ice cream cone with the family) in that case, I will just have to face the consequences. I will probably have to stop making/eating Whole30 Ranch even though I really love it because 5 Smart Points per serving just for dressing is a bit much. I will probably go back to eating Opa Dressings which I think are a decent choice anyway (and I love them too). I thought about going gluten free a few times but I’ve spoken with my doctor and she said there is no reason for me to have to do that. I will see how I feel when I reintroduce gluten and if I feel okay I will continue to eat it. I really do not want to have to limit myself if possible, it just makes it easier on me.

I’m really excited to get back to “normal”. I honestly have thought about sticking with a more paleo diet but I don’t think that is the right choice for me right now. Not saying I wouldn’t go that route in the future but, for right now I just want to concentrate on trusting myself, having confidence that I can have balance, and trying to do the best that I can. Everything in moderation… those brownies/cookies/cupcakes are not going anywhere anytime soon. I can enjoy these foods without going overboard. I am worth fighting for, even if the fight is with a pan of brownies. 🙂

My Results After 60 Days… 

Total Weight Lost: 16.2 pounds

Total Inches Lost: 13.5 inches (measured arms, thighs, calves, waist and hips)

Before & After Pictures: Please be kind, it’s not easy to post these to the world.