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Helpful Whole30 Approved Products

Now that I am finished with the Whole30/Whole60 I wanted to post a list of the products that helped me make it through. I figured it could possibly benefit someone reading this so here you go!

  1. Nutpods!! I literally looked forward to my coffee every morning and this creamer made it so easy to not add sugar/sweeteners to it. It’s delicious!
  2. Natural Calm. I had trouble sleeping in the beginning due to sore, restless legs  and people recommended that I try this and it helped so much!
  3. Clarified butter. I didn’t want to make my own since I was afraid of doing it wrong so it was nice to be able to easily grab this at the store.
  4. Coconut Milk. I used this to make Whole30 Ranch.
  5. Salsa. I feel like I ate salsa and hot sauce on everything!
  6. Bone broth. This was helpful when I made chili.
  7. Primal Kitchen Mayo. I initially made my own mayo which was great but I didn’t eat much mayo and it would spoil fast so I picked this up which made it more convenient.
  8. Coconut water. I used this for an extra boost pre-run.
  9. Bilinski’s sausage. These were a life savor. I loved them because they were so quick and easy to make!
  10. Pesto. Be sure to read labels on this one. I found this brand at my local health food store and it was a nice addition to all sorts of foods.
  11. Garrett Valley bacon. This bacon was amazing, so delicious!
  12. GTS Kombucha. I drank this more after day 30 since I was a little more lenient and it was a nice change from water.
  13. Polar seltzer. This helped me so much!! I had a REALLY bad Coke Zero addiction pre-Whole30 so this helped me kick the habit!
  14. Trader Joe’s Nut Butters. I used creamy & crunchy almond butter, cashew butter and mixed  nut butter. I love them all!
  15. RXBars. I had these only a couple times but they are always nice to have in an emergency.
  16. Larabars. I ate these more than RXBars and I love them. I tried not to eat these the first 30 days but after that I was more relaxed and I used them as meal replacements only, not as a dessert or snacks.
  17. Chomps. These are amazing and perfect for emergency situations or workout fuel.
  18. Perfect Bar. I didn’t know they made a compliant bar until towards the end of my 60 days but I’m sure glad I discovered them because they are so good! Again, I used these as a meal replacement only.
  19. Trader Joe’s garlic seasoning. My normal garlic seasoning had sugar in it?!? so it was helpful to find one that was compliant and tasted great!
  20. Dried fruit. I tried not to eat too much of this but it was nice to bring with me hiking or keep in my bag for emergencies. I also dipped in nut butter for running fuel.

I’m sure there are some items I am missing but for the most part these are the products that I found helpful during my Whole30/Whole60. Of course the more important foods were fresh produce and protein but these items sure helped me make it through! 🙂