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My thoughts on Intermittent Fasting and why I’m done with it!

First I have to say sorry it’s been so long since my last post. August was a busy month! I’m not a very good blogger. I suppose I could just write about my daily happenings but I feel as if I’m not that interesting. Maybe I will post more about my day-to-day activities? Be forewarned… it will probably be pretty boring, ha! I’ll try to do better! 🙂


1- I strongly dislike (hate) the name “Intermittent Fasting“– I feel like it gave the message that I was starving myself which isn’t true, I was eating the same amount of Smart Points just in a condensed 8 hour time period.

2- I loved how I only had to meal plan for 2 meals and sometimes a snack rather than planning for 3 meals a day.

3- I loved being able to use extra points per meal without feeling like I would have to point hoard for the rest of the day. Regular AND extra bacon?… yes please! More avocado?… yup! Extra tablespoon of nut butter?… you bet! It was great!

4- I loved how it forced me (along with Whole30) out of the habit of mindless nighttime snacking (aka my favorite pastime). Reason being, the sooner I stopped eating at night the earlier I could eat the next day. I usually stopped eating at 7 pm and started eating at 11 am.

5- I hated how I felt like I couldn’t do too much physically first thing in the morning– I didn’t want to exercise without eating since I have low blood pressure and low blood glucose. Because of this I can get really dizzy/nauseous fast… sometimes if I just stand too quickly I get dizzy. (this is nothing new for me, my doctor told me it’s fine and to just have a snack if that happens but I couldn’t have done that with fasting).

6- Since I have to wait an hour after taking my thyroid medication before eating it made me not have to wake up early just to take my medication. Before I would get up early, take my meds and go back to bed just so I could eat when I got up.

7- I hate how I got into the mentality to over indulge on the weekends again. This really isn’t IF’s fault, more of my own issues but I think because I was restricting the hours that I ate that I felt like I was restricting food but I really wasn’t. Is it okay to have “indulgent foods” from time to time? Obviously, but I just went for it some weekends and I know, I KNOW that I have to be careful with that so the past doesn’t repeat itself!

All and all I really liked Intermittent Fasting but since my schedule is changing it’s no longer going to work for me. My daughter goes to pre-k in the morning so we get up early and then I have to wait like 5-6 hours to eat and I’ve been starving because of it. For some reason when I feel hungry at all during the morning I seem to have a lingering hunger that I just can’t shake all day. I hate being hungry.

Also, since I now have 2.5 hours of free time Monday-Friday I feel like it would be the perfect time to get my runs/exercise in. Before I would wait until my husband came home from work at night and I would have to shove my dinner in my face real quick and run on a full stomach, not fun! Also, with the days getting shorter I lose daylight to run in so it will work out perfectly to run in the morning. I always wanted to be a morning exerciser and get it out of the way for the day but I was always too lazy to get up at 5 am before my husband went to work!

I am really glad I tried Intermittent Fasting and I may even give it another chance in the future but like I said, for right now it just doesn’t make sense with my new schedule. I know I’m always changing my mind and trying new things but, thats what I like to do. Certain things work, don’t work, work for awhile and then no longer work… I just like to change it up and try new things. I change my mind a lot… good thing it’s my mind! 😉