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Floor Renovation

Finally getting around to posting the floor renovation before and after photos!! 

A little background: we moved into this house almost 3 years ago. It is a fairly new house but the previous owners left in a hurry under not so great circumstances (divorce we heard) so the place looked a little beat up. One of the bedrooms upstairs had a hole in the wall and the entire house was still construction white. The downstairs had linoleum in the floors in the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, and entry way with green (yes GREEN) carpet in the living room and dinning room. This lovely green carpet also went up the stairs, in the hall and into 2 bedrooms. The master bedroom though had magenta (ugh) carpet. I knew right away that I HAD to have the upstairs floors immediately re-carpeted since bare feet on old carpet really grossed me out. We wanted to do hardwood downstairs too but because we were getting the upstairs done and the entire interior of the house painted (every room, the painters were here for a month) things were getting pricy so we decided to just hire a cleaning company to clean the downstairs carpets and live with them for awhile. We next decided to get all new furniture since we never owned a bedroom set and our couch didn’t go with the living room set up (it had a chaise lounge that went the wrong way and hung out in the middle of the room instead of against a wall). After all that we finally (basically me bugging my husband until he gave in) decided to get the hardwood floors. All the before pictures were taken the night before the install. That is why all the curtains are up, the pictures are off the walls and the appliances are pulled out. Also, I should have taken the photos during the day for better light. Some of the images you can see the glare from the light but it’s tough to get a free moment and every time I clean something it ends up a mess the moment I turn my back.  Night time was really my only option. 🙂

Here are the pictures:

Living Room Before
Living Room After
Living Room After
Kitchen (Table Area) Before
Kitchen (Table Area) After
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Dinning Room Before
Dinning Room After

 I also took bathroom pictures because we put a new toilet and sink in but I figured who needs to see those. We ordered a fancier toilet and vanity sink with marble but the sink would have been a pain for my dad to install (because of where the pipes were located) and then we would have had to move the mirror and lighting above the mirror so I just said forget it. We returned it and got a regular pedestal sink. I only wanted the vanity to store toilet paper so I can live without it, haha! The only problem now is the design of the toilet doesn’t really match the design of the sink which bothers me more than it should bother any normal human being. I am just weird and I notice little details so it really bugs me. The toilet has a square trim around it and the sink is more modern and rounded. This is basically going to drive me nuts but we already had the toilet installed so I wasn’t going to make my dad take it out again to install another one. Also, I didn’t want to wait any longer to get the sink in since as it was the toilet took forever because it had to be re-ordered twice since it broke both times in transit. Gotta love renovations! 😉 I really LOVE my new floors. The only downfall is I have to vacuum all the time since they show everything, especially all the cat hair! Still worth it to me! 🙂