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Whole30 Round #2

I’ve decided it’s time for me to do another round of Whole30… here’s why:

– I’ve been sick and if I eat better it will help (probably would have helped me maybe not get sick or as sick if I had been eating better to begin with).

-I didn’t realize* (until recently) that I was getting an upset stomach almost daily after eating lunch and I’m not sure what the culprit is. Could be gluten (I was on a wrap kick) or could be the cheese I was adding?

– I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. My sleep hasn’t been the greatest, I’ve been waking up a lot in the middle of the night lately. With my 4 year old and a 4 month old puppy waking up at 5:30 a.m. EVERY morning I need to make sure my quality of sleep is better.

– I’m cranky (probably from lack of sleep/being sick) but, overall I am just not feeling my best mentally and physically. I probably felt the best I’ve ever felt in my life during my last Whole30 and I desperately want to get back to that!

– My weekend eating has been sometimes out of control and by sometimes I mean 99.9% of the time!

– It will be a great re-set before the holiday season (last year around Halloween time marked when everything fell apart for me and I’m determined to not have that happen this year)!

– I’ve been letting foods that are not worth it into my house and mouth!

– I’ve been eating convince foods too often!

– I’ve noticed I’m eating just to eat, and then sometimes I feel like I’m in the mood for something and nothing is satisfying so I just keep eating to stop the feeling/craving.

– I’ve been craving foods more, when I did Whole30 last time I had hardly any cravings.

– I’ve had a lot of random aches and pains, like A LOT and daily! I haven’t ran in a couple weeks now because my lower back has been so bad. Every morning when I get out of bed straightening upright is like pulling a knife out of my back.

– I’m bloated, swollen and my skin looks terrible!

– I get to eat Whole30 ranch again!!!! Avocados, beef (not just turkey burgers), potatoes and so on… this makes it all WORTH IT! 🙂 Not that I can’t eat these foods now but it’s going to be nice to not worry about if I have the points for things for a while! Also, I’m oddly excited for 30+ days of eggs, haha!

*A lot of these things I just started noticing. I didn’t think I had a problem with any specific foods but maybe I’m just not in tune with my body. I guess this is common after the first Whole30 to not catch many (if any) issues one may have with specific foods. I’ve read that sometimes it takes multiple rounds to figure out if you have any food issues so I guess it’s normal. Or maybe I just wanted to eat cheese and bread so I was ignoring the signs, haha!

With all the reasons I feel like I need to do another round, here are some reasons I’m nervous about going for it:

– Maybe it won’t be as magical as it was the first time, yes… I felt like it was magical (eating well does that I guess, ha)!

– Maybe I won’t be able to make it the 30 days?! I am so all or nothing and I hate quitting so it will REALLY bother me if I just can’t do it this time. I for sure will NOT be doing more than 30 days, last time I should have stuck with 30-45. Once I got to day 50 I was so over it that I think I kind of ruined my progress.

– I feel like it’s going to be harder since I know what to expect. I also read that it is actually tougher for most people the second time around and that more people are prone to quitting!

– I will have to give up some of the foods that I’ve incorporated back into my diet that I LOVE— noosa… nooooo! Only for 30 days as long as yogurt doesn’t bother me when I add it back into my diet.

– It will be harder for me to eat out, not that I do that much now anyway (which is a plus too since it will save money).

– I’m going to be in the kitchen WAY more.

– I’m afraid to go overboard on dried fruit, compliant bars and nut butters (I did pretty well with this my last round until after around day 45).

The positives out weigh the negatives for me… I felt amazing physically and mentally when I did Whole30/60 a few months ago and like I said above, I want that back!

If anyone wants to try it with me (probably not, haha) let me know! I’m starting on Sunday October 15th. 

I probably won’t count points since Whole30 doesn’t encourage weighing and measuring food BUT when I weighed, measured and counted points the last time I did it (day 31-60) 95% of the time I was within 25-35 daily points so it’s really not necessary (for me, in my opinion). I also lost weight so I know I was on track. I will however still be weighing-in because I am a WW’er and in order to keep my LT status I have to. I’m also in a DietBet so I will need to weigh out for that. Plus, it’s not about the scale for me… it truly is about how I feel and I just want to feel better.

Anyway, I’m excited I decided to do another round! It will take me through Halloween (I’m going to buy candy I don’t like, if I can think of any… sorry kids, haha) and will be over before Thanksgiving. I’m hoping this will put me back in the right frame of mind to be able to handle the holidays this year! If not, round #3 will be starting January 1st! 😉