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Whole30 Round #2 Week 1

I figured I would do a little re-cap of my first week doing Round #2 of Whole30…

The first day was obviously fine, I felt confident that I knew what I was getting myself into since I had 1 round under my belt. Basically, no big deal.

Day 2-3 were so awful!! I had the worst “hangover” ever. I had a massive headache. I must have had some serious sugar pumping through my system to withdrawal and feel that bad. This just proved to me that I desperately needed to do another round and try (yet again) to change my ways/eating habits (that have been ingrained in me since as early as I can remember).

Day 4-5 were much better but I was exhausted (I always am so no huge change there). Also, I wanted to eat everything and the regret of starting another round set in.

Day 6-7 weren’t bad, dare I say maybe even okay. 😉 I started to feel less tired but I still wanted ALL of the food!

I’m currently on day 9 and today seems to be a great day so far. I passed on my husbands birthday cake last night and didn’t even have much anxiety about it. It’s probably because I just got a couple of slices from the store and store bought cake isn’t that tastey. I felt a little bad about not making him a cake but thankfully he doesn’t care. Plus, if I had made one he would have only eaten a piece and then it would have sat on the counter and taunted me. Also, touching the cake and icing while making it without tasting it would have been torturous for me in this stage of my Whole30.

I can honestly say that I feel better BUT my stomach has been going crazy. Really bloated, like it feels hard (it’s normally squishy, haha). Probably working overtime to 1- get the junk out of my system and 2- process all the extra fruits and veggies I’ve been eating. I’m starting to feel better now but it was rough from day 3-6. I am falling asleep pretty much when my head hits the pillow which is nice but I still wake up tired. I have been waking up much easier though which is a start. Less grumpily too! 🙂 In general I feel less grumpy. Pre-Whole30 I was getting to the point where I was pretty miserable and EVERYTHING was irritating to me. I would get mad about the dumbest things and I had about zero patience. Patience will never be my strong suit anyway but it was getting out of control. I mean, I wasn’t like a raging lunatic about to snap or something but I wasn’t a pleasure to be around either! 🙂

This round I haven’t been following the rules as closely as I did last round. I’ve been snacking a little here and there mainly on fruit which you would think is okay but isn’t. 1- I’m not hungry I am bored/want to eat 2- the rules clearly state 3 meals a day no snacks (unless it’s pre/post work out). I also want to eat bars ALL the time. They are supposed to be for emergency situations only. I’m eating them because I want a candy bar and that’s all I can have that even remotely resembles one. I know this yet I’m still squeezing them in here and there.

I definitely am not as prepared and as gung-ho as I was during my last round. I meal planned and meal prepped more last time. This time I feel like I’m just eating the same things and the easiest things to make. Last time I definitely put in more effort and actually made recipes, I think that helped make it more fun… if you can call it that. 🙂

On a side note, I also have barely moved. Coming off having bronchitis is partially to blame and being super lazy lately is also to blame. I have 3 1/2 hours of free time now that my daughter takes the bus and I’m not using it wisely. I should be taking long walks, running, weight lifting (still trying to get into that) but instead I watch DVR’d shows on the couch in my jammies drinking coffee. This certainly plays a huge role in my grumpy moods, that and the season change (I never do well with that). I haven’t been on top of my water either, it’s actually annoying me that I can only drink water and coffee. Thankfully I can have seltzer but that is basically a Coke Zero replacement for me so I probably shouldn’t have that either.

I know a lot of people think Whole30 is bad/too restrictive because of the “can’t have” list BUT (big but for this one, haha) it’s actually a really good thing for me and people like me. I need the food that’s not so healthy to be out of my system to realize just how deep my issues with food run. It’s strange because the excuses I make (and believe) for myself why I eat certain not so healthy foods sound absolutely ridiculous when I think of them now being in the right state of mind (and not under the control of sugar). I have unnecessary crutches that I need to get rid of and I don’t want to think about food/have my life revolve around food for the rest of my life. I don’t want to count/track/weigh/measure forever. I just want to be able to eat healthy food in sensible portions to fuel my body with occasional indulgences and go on with my life. I’m just sick of food ruling my life/mood. Maybe Whole30 will help and maybe it won’t. I’d like to think eventually things will click for me. I know it’s going to take quite a few rounds for me as my issues run deep. I’m okay with that. I can’t/won’t stop fighting for food freedom. This is worth it to me.

Anyway, I don’t 100% regret doing another round of Whole30 but I don’t think I will get much out of this round. There is still plenty of time for this to turn around for me so I’m going to stay (or become, haha) optimistic! Why I think I’m not going to get much out of it is because I’m already planning what I’m going to eat on Thanksgiving (the day after I’ll finish this round) and Black Friday when we set up Christmas decorations. That’s how I know I’m not fully invested in this round. Last time I was very aware of trying to eat cleaner post-Whole30, this time I’m like “bring on the pie!”. 🙂

I see another Whole30 in my future around January 1st. 🙂

Lastly, I apologize for my use of parentheses (I really like them). 😉


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