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Whole30 Then and Now

I’m SO OVER this round of Whole30… that being said I WILL still finish out the 30 days. I have to add that I feel like I’m such a negative downer lately but I honestly have such a hard time during the season changes. I need to up my vitamin D! 😉

Anyway, I figured I would share a few differences from last round and this round and just some general feelings I’ve been having (I wrote this in a crummy mood so I added some meme’s to lighten things up a bit)—

1- I STILL have cravings. Mostly for Starbucks (think sugary creamy mochas), Coke Zero (I know it’s bad), and baked goods (cookies, brownies, muffins, donuts, scones, cakes and every other delicious dessert). Last time I had barely any cravings. On a positive note I have FAR FEWER than I normally have.

2- I haven’t gotten any restless leg symptoms or cramps at night. Last time my legs would constantly bother me at night making it hard to sleep. I had to take Natural Calm nightly but this time I haven’t needed any. That’s a plus! I do still have stomach issues though so reintroduction is going to be difficult for me. I’m not sure how I will know what is bothering me when I add it back in if my stomach is already going crazy. My back is still really sore too. Not that Whole30 solves all the world’s problems but I figured if there was some sort of inflammation that eating cleaner would help… NOPE! Probably just need to go to the chiropractor but that would be crazy expensive going multiple times a week (which is what they always do in the beginning) since I have a $50 co-pay. It would either be go to the doctor or buy groceries… “thanks ObamaCare” (only a joke quoted from Melissa McCarthy in the movie Tammy- I have nothing against Obama, just want to clear that up).

3- I’m snacking and I shouldn’t be. Mostly on fruit with the occasional bar and nut butter but it’s defeating the point of Whole30.

4- I’m still grumpy more than I would like to be. I honestly think it’s just added stress from having a new puppy. He literally drives me crazy!! He has so much energy, he is always chasing and fighting with the cat, he is always biting and getting into everything. What makes it worse is I wanted him so now that we are all miserable I know it’s completely my fault. I do walk him to get energy out, doesn’t work! He goes to training, he already completed the puppy class and starts intermediate in a few weeks. I know it’s something he will grow out of but for the time being it’s super stressful.

5- To go along with #4, I’m exhausted. Whole30 is supposed to help you sleep. I do fall asleep easier and get up easier but I never have enough sleep. Between a toddler and a puppy it’s just hard to have a good nights rest.

6- I don’t feel like cooking or eating the foods I was really excited about last round. The only thing that I like is breakfast which is strange because it’s always eggs and you would think I would be sick of them. Sometimes I actually think about a Whole30 approved food and feel nauseous knowing that’s what I’m going to be eating. It’s just awful feeling like that. I do get excited about some foods, mainly squash, but thinking of meat and the ranch I keep making that tastes off just makes me want to quit!

7- I’m counting down the days. Last time I was like— “whoa, I’m already on day 23!”… this time I’m like— “agh, I’m only on day 23”.

8- Like I said in my last post I’m planning what I’m eating the day after I’m done which is Thanksgiving. Rolls, stuffing, pie… also, we decorate for Christmas on Black Friday (my husband likes to decorate early) so we always have snacks like cheese, crackers, pizza for dinner, and make cookies for dessert! I seriously already have a grocery list in my phone of the foods I’m going to buy!

9- This round I keep questioning my reasoning for doing another round. Yes, I definitely did it to feel better but I think I also did it because last year at this time is when my eating went crazy and I gained weight. I’m just so afraid that I’m going to make the same mistake twice. I want to have the balance of where I enjoy holidays and not stress about food— key word “holidays” and not everyday from Halloween to New Years! Last year I would do well then eat something bad, then try to get back on track, then last most of the day and eat something after dinner and go over my points, then say I’ll do better tomorrow and then not…. it was a never ending disaster until I pulled it together last May only BECAUSE of Whole30! (Sorry for the run on sentence but it was necessary to prove my point).

10- Also, like I’ve mentioned before, I just don’t feel the “magic” of Whole30 and I was afraid of that happening. Last round I honestly felt like it “fixed” me. It is upsetting because after my last round I loved it and felt like everyone should try it. Now, I feel like I was blinded and that I was just extra excited for something new. I still do love it and I know thousands of others benefit from it but this time it’s just not clicking for me. Then I get down on myself because I know the problem is ME!! I lost my weight on Weight Watchers with Points Plus and was doing amazing until the plan change to Smart Points. Then everything became harder. I’m not saying it was the plan change, I know again it is ME. I always do well losing but when it comes to maintaining I just have never been able to do it. I’ve never maintained a weight loss this long. Even going up on the scale some I was able to stop myself, get my butt in gear and get back on track and that’s never been the case with me before. It’s scary knowing how easy it is to just let little slips add up to a big slide backwards and have years of hard work just be flushed down the toilet. This weight loss stuff is hard! It’s just overwhelming to know that because of the way that I think, this will forever be a life long struggle for me. Some people lose weight and then make maintenance look so easy and show all their #NSV’s and “I chose salad instead of pizza because #goals!” pictures that it makes me feel worse because damn it— I chose the stinking pizza AND the ice cream after BUT I still have goals!! I honestly think I would be better off not on Instagram because sometimes it just makes me question myself. Also, how the heck am I supposed to be not obsessing about food if I’m posting my food and looking at my news feed FULL of food pictures all day?! However, it does help with accountability and maybe that’s why I’ve been able to get to my goal?! Something to think about that’s for sure.

That was much longer than I anticipated but it actually helps to write it all out. It’s like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. Thanks for reading if you made it this far and sorry for being a complainer lately… give me a break though, I haven’t had real chocolate in 23 days (and counting)! 🙂