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Whole30 Round 2 Final Thoughts

I figured I would share my final thoughts on this past round of my Whole30. I typed this up fast on my IPhone so I apologize for any grammatical errors in advance. Also, there are no pictures which is boring. Enjoy, haha! 😉

I’m done with Whole30! As most of you know this round wasn’t so great for me. I’m glad that I completed it but I really wanted to just give up. This makes me wonder why I even bother putting myself through another round. I mean, I didn’t know it was going to go the way it did although I thought it may from what I’ve heard (round 2 is rough). Maybe it was only more difficult because I went in thinking it would be?! Anyway, I’ve come to the realization that I need to stick with what I know and that’s WW’ers. It works for me and it’s the most flexible/realistic plan. I feel like because I’m not so great at maintaining that I keep trying new things anytime the scale goes up because I’m so fearful of gaining the weight back. I need to realize that there is going to be ups and downs and instead of panicking and trying all sorts of new things (simply filling/low-carb/Whole30/intermittent fasting— all done over 2017) I just need to stick with what I know and love and that is WW’ers and counting points!

My Whole30 results are sub-par which I expected since I wasn’t in the right mood to be Whole30-ing. I didn’t really feel outstandingly better which I never expect anyway thanks to my thyroid but I did notice I felt a bit better. I lost about 8 lbs BUT in reality I lost maybe 4 because a few days before I started Whole30 I weighed around 169 and then I ate all the non-Whole30 things (whooops) before starting and when I weighed in a few days later I was up around 3-4 lbs so I’m assuming a couple of those lbs was water weight. I didn’t do it for the weight loss although that’s a happy end result. I did it to try to control my sweet tooth. While I’m thinking about it… that’s why Reintroduction annoys me so much… because I’m not doing Whole30 for the reasons a lot of people are doing it. I’m not looking for reasons why I feel bad (I had stomach issues occasionally before and during Whole30 so I wasn’t trying to cure that). To me Reintroduction is a waste of time because if i get a bit of a stomach ache from ice cream/grains or whatever there is NO WAY I will forever give them up… a mild stomach ache is worth it to me to be able to occasionally have the foods I like. I do Whole30 more to tame my sweet tooth… when I feel like my cravings are out of control I do Whole30. If I’m thinking about donuts and cannot get them off my mind no matter how hard I try I feel like I need Whole30. As I’m typing this I realize I should just eat the damn donut, get over the craving and move on! Instead I (of course) go to the extreme of not allowing myself to have a donut (or any other form of baked good, dairy and everything else that’s not allowed on Whole30) OR I just keep denying myself until I can’t take it anymore and cave in and eat every donut within a 5 mile radius. I NEED to learn balance, that is my BIGGEST downfall! If I could just learn to not be so all or nothing this whole maintenance deal would be a heck of a lot easier!! If only there was a switch in my brain that I could turn on. On a positive note, I have lost the weight… almost 2 years later I’m at my goal weight and I’m still trying!! Trying to do better, trying to be better and trying to learn! Will I do Whole30 again, probably… maybe… I’m not sure but there is one thing I do know and that is that I will always try because my health is worth fighting for. 🙂