Living healthfully, one meal, one mile at a time

About Me

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! My name is Heather and I am a 30-something (totally acceptable to not give you’re actual age after 30 right?) stay-at-home (for the most part, I have a small part-time job) mom of an adorable little redheaded 3 year old named Kara. My husband Sean and I live in upstate NY. We also have a 1 year old Ragdoll named Kiki. 

Our Wedding Day 10.10.2012 in Bermuda

A little bit of background on me: I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life but it wasn’t that big of an issue in middle and high school because every year I played 2-3 sports and was able to keep myself at a fairly low weight (for me, most of the other girls were much smaller). It wasn’t until college when I decided to join a sorority instead of play field hockey (one of the biggest mistakes of my life) that I gained a lot of weight. After every year of college I would return home for the Summer and lose the weight I gained and every Fall I would go back to college and put it right back on, and then some. It was a vicious cycle because I never actually had much knowledge about healthy eating and I certainly didn’t have any sort of constant work out regiment that would offset all of the late night DP Doughs (best calzones EVER) and pints of Ben and Jerry’s.

One of my Favorite Pictures of Kara (2013)

When I graduated college and got a job I lost weight yet again. At this point I was so used to yo-yo dieting that it was inevitable that I put it back on. My main diet of choice in college and at this point of my life was the Atkins Diet since it was really popular. I lost the weight yet again only to change jobs and re-gain it all and then some… like I said, vicious cycle.

I finally decided to try Weight Watchers. Its hard for me to remember how many times I joined and quit, I think 4-5. I finally joined in 2012 and lost 70 lbs to get to .4 away from my goal right before I took a cruise to Bermuda for my wedding. When I came home I think I only gained 1-2 lbs from the trip which was fine since I enjoyed my time but, from October 2012 to February 2013 I could not lose those few extra lbs to get to goal when I was so close. I tend to self-sabotage myself so I would go up and down the same pound or two and I never hit my goal. Instead we became pregnant with my daughter so I had to cancel my Weight Watchers membership. Throughout the pregnancy I gained and gained. I remember the nurse actually asking me if I had been on an “ice cream bender” after one of my weigh-ins because that was helpful. I’m pretty sure I got a fish filet from McDonalds after that appointment (read as: 100% sure with fries and a chocolate shake).

Kiki the Ragdoll

After I had my daughter in October 2013 I was exhausted, like most new moms, and I could have cared less about losing weight although I was obviously uncomfortable with my size and rarely wanted to leave the house. I ended up gaining weight, a lot of weight, after she was born. I decided 3 months after she was born to go back to Weight Watchers although I wasn’t ready and didn’t make much progress so I quit yet again. Finally when my daughter was around 6 months old I decided to join Weight Watchers again… for the LAST TIME, I vowed to myself.

This time around on Weight Watchers I started out okay losing 30 lbs the first 5 months and then my weight loss came to a stand still during the holidays. I was stagnant for months after that and one day, July 8, 2015 to be exact, I decided to start my Instagram account (@HeathersHealthier). I never realized how this account would change my life. In the coming months I went on to lose 40 more lbs to get to my goal weight in December 2015 and I continued to lose 10 more lbs and reached Lifetime in January 2016. Weight Watchers rolled out a new plan (Smart Points) and I was able to maintain my weight loss for an entire year. I wasn’t my lowest but I was still below goal.

Before and After

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in June of 2016 and was put on medication to help. It actually didn’t seem to help much and some days I even felt worse. I stopped going to Weight Watchers because I was above goal and didn’t want to pay every week when I felt like it wasn’t my fault (initially). Then everything started falling apart. I started feeling sorry for myself and began overeating. I would make it a few days, maybe even a week and then I would fall off track. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I ended up needing a surgery in March 2017 and thats when things got worse. I was so upset that I needed surgery and couldn’t understand why all of the sudden, after thinking I was making these huge life changes to better my health that it seemed like I was only getting sicker and worse off. I began to shut down and once again got into another vicious cycle of overeating. I was stuck in a restricting and overeating cycle. I was addicted to sugar. I would eat well balanced meals all day and fall apart at night. I would post some of my overeating here and there on my Instagram but I felt bad posting about them since I didn’t want people to have to feel bad for me all the time and feel like they had to cheer me up. I needed to make a change.

This brings us up to date. I decided I needed a complete re-set of my body and most of all my mind. I don’t NEED to have dessert every night. I wont die if I don’t consume chocolate everyday. Most off all I needed to stop drinking diet soda which was taking over my life. I needed to detox my body and my mind. I decided to do the Whole30 reset in hopes that it will change my life and the way I see myself and food. Let’s see where this journey takes me together shall we?

I hope everyone enjoys my blog. I intend on sharing my journey with Weight Watchers and Whole30, my running and my everyday life. Thanks for reading!